Ohio Made Films and Central Ohio High School Film Competition Screening and Tickets

May 16th at CCAD’s Canzani Center.   Screening 1: 4-6 pm for High School and Family Friendly In Competition.  Screening 2: 7-9 Adult In...  


2014 Festival Poster

Download the print version here (2MB).  


Top 5 Things to Do in Columbus This November

By Emily Thompson 3. Columbus International Film + Video Festival, Nov. 13 to 25 Founded in 1952 by the Columbus Film Council, the annual Columbus...  


Sci-Fi Spoof ‘Space Station 76′ Screening at Studio 35

By Hope Madden It has been a whole year since the Columbus Film Council’s annual event – the nation’s longest running film festival –...  


First to Fall Reveiw

By Dennis Toth, Producer Consultant R&R Consulting, Film Fund-amentals blog Muammar Gaddafi is very fastidous as he primps before a mirror. Once ready, he...  


Who’s got the popcorn? The 9 best film festivals this fall

By Njaimah Njie ……Columbus International Film+Video Festival November 13 to 25 Who knew that Columbus was home to the longest-running film festival in the...  

scarlet road poster

Film Review: Scarlet Road a touching documentary that challenges stereotypes about sex workers

A review by Melinda Robbins Conlon With prostitution largely portrayed in the cinema as street side hustling by scantily clad drug addicts and runaways,...  


Festivus for the Rest of Us

By 614 Staff For the Voyeurs (film) –……The veteran of the bunch – the Columbus International Film + Video Festival – began in 1952...  


This September in Columbus, Ohio: 10 Best Events & Festivals

By Silvia Buonpadre Home to many performing arts institutions, such as the BalletMet and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and extensive art collections like the...  


Summer Activities guide 10 Must-See Fall Festivals In Columbus

By Joe Vargo – Experience Columbus staff writer Columbus, Ohio Columbus International Film + Video Festival, Nov. 13-23, Various Locations
: In its 62nd year,...