Review Panel GCAC Fellowship in Media

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Friday, October 18, 2013
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

GCAC Offices

The Review Panel for the GCAC Individual Artists Fellowship in Media is free and open to the public. Applicants and other interested parties are invited to watch the proceedings.

Awards will be recommended by a panel of experts in the field of media arts.  Their decisions will be based solely on the artistic excellence of the work submitted for review. The primary criterion is quality.  Gender, race, age, financial need, education, professional affiliations, previous recognition, and occupation are NOT considerations for funding.  The panel will consider:

The relationship of the work to activity in the field on a statewide, regional, and national basis.

Creative and inventive use of the art form.

Overall consistency in the body of the work submitted for review.

Innovation in style and/or concept.

Technical proficiency in the use of the medium/media.

The panel review process will be anonymous.  Panel members will see only the DVDs, identified by the application number assigned to it.  The application form itself will be unavailable to the panel.

Attendees are not permitted to speak or lobby the panel during the process.

The panelists for 2013 are:

Ann Bohlen
Independent filmmaker
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Anne Bohlen is an Emeritus Faculty of Antioch College where she was Professor of Communication and Media Arts for fourteen years teaching 16mm film, digital audio and documentary production and history courses, and mentoring senior projects in narrative, experimental and documentary film, video and audio.  While at Antioch she also co-curated and hosted public documentary programs including Documentary Diversity, The Future of the Documentary, Media Activism, Resistance and Transformation: Latin American Documentary, Witnessing Prison: Inside and Out, Environmental Documentary, and the Margaret Mead Traveling Festival.  Recently Anne served as a Morgan Fellow at the new Antioch providing curricular leadership and producing cultural and intellectual public programming series and gallery exhibitions. Anne also has eighteen years experience as an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker.  Her film Blood in the Face co-produced and co-directed with Kevin Rafferty & Jim Ridgeway, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, was broadcast nationally on the Discovery Channel and showed in theaters nationally and internationally. Anne received an Academy Award Nomination as a co-producer of With Babies and Banners and a National Emmy Award as a co-producer of The Global Assembly Line. She also co-produced/directed the documentary, Reform on the River, and The Power and the Spirit, a radio documentary that aired on NPR’s All Things Considered. Anne’s other film production credits include work on Roger and Me, Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story, Rosie the Riveter, Seeing Red, Memorial, Earth and the American Dream, and Taken for a Ride. Her films have been screened at film festivals, exhibited theatrically and broadcast on television internationally.

Todd Kwait
Independent filmmaker and musician
Cleveland, Ohio

Todd Kwait has a distinguished record of success as a business executive, a lawyer, a documentary filmmaker and a record producer.  A dynamic and creative leader, Todd personifies the business manager with an entrepreneurial spirit that is the hallmark of today’s global executive. In 2005, in keeping with his strong entrepreneurial and creative spirit, Todd boldly ventured into filmmaking with the formation of his film company, Ezzie Films.  Todd’s first documentary film was a project with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Lovin’ Spoonful founder, John Sebastian.  The film, Chasin’ Gus’ Ghost ( was an award winning film and is the first of Todd’s three documentary films.  Todd’s second documentary film is titled Vagabondo ( and his third, and most recent film, For the Love of the Music (, won the best documentary film at the Boston International Film Festival in April 2012.  In addition, Todd has served on the board of directors of Independent Pictures (Ohio Independent Film Festival) since 1998; an organization which supports independent filmmakers.

Laura Paglin
Independent filmmaker
Cleveland, Ohio

Laura Paglin has been producing and directing films since she was a teenager. Each one of her narrative and documentary films has explored the dramatic lives of ‘the underdog’.  Her nostalgic comedy/drama feature, NightOwls of Coventry (2005), tells the tale of cultural turf warfare in the 1970’s, where a seedy all-night deli becomes the “theatre of battle”. NightOwls was shown theatrically in several US cities as well as Toronto and is distributed my Cinema Epoch/ Koch Lorber Video.  Paglin’s more recent films have dealt specifically with struggles of poor minorities. Her documentary, No Umbrella – Election Day in the City (2006), brings us street level view of the 2004 Election Day failures as they play out in one inner city polling location. No Umbrella premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and won many awards including the “Jury Award for Best Short” at the Full Frame Film Festival in Durham, N. Carolina and an “Audience Award” at the Sydney Film Festival.  It was acquired by HBO documentary films and aired on Cinemax. Her first feature length documentary, Facing Forward (2011), follows a charismatic but troubled teenager as he navigates a strict new inner city school.   Facing Forward was a runner up for the ‘Roxanne T Mueller Audience Award for Best Film’ at the Cleveland International Film and was the winner of a “Crystal Heart Award” at the Heartland Film Festival. Paglin is currently collaborating with her local PBS station to prepare Facing Forward for national broadcast. Her current documentary in progress, Eleven, tells the complex and horrific story of the Anthony Sowell serial murders that were discovered in Cleveland, Ohio in 2009. Eleven was the winner of a recent industry pitch competition held at the Paley Center in New York. Paglin is a two-time Cuyahoga County Artist Fellowship recipient.