The CFC at the Columbus Arts Festival

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Date(s) -
Friday, June 6, 2014 - Sunday, June 8, 2014
All Day

Film Festival Theater Tent

Columbus Arts Festival
June 6-8
Friday 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Film Festival Theater Tent
(on the south side of the COSI building)

The Columbus Film Council in partnership with the Gateway Film Center and WOSU Public Media, is presenting some of the best of the Columbus International Film + Video Festival at the Columbus Arts Festival at the Film Festival Theater Tent on the south side of the COSI building. The Columbus Arts Festival is produced by the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Admission is free.

Morning Cartoon Program for Children of All Ages:

Healthy Heroes- Brain Fries, 5 minutes, Out of Our Minds Animation Studios
Healthy Heroes is a series of animated short films. The shorts follow the adventures of the Healthy Heroes (twins Tag and Techa and Tia, each with special skills) and the hapless Ralphie, who is constantly falling prey to various nefarious villains. In Brain Fries, Ralphie has been captured under the spell of King Clown whose sinister, unhealthy food has tricked Ralphie’s brain so he can’t stop eating. Only the Healthy Heroes have the power to reverse King Clown’s spell to get Ralphie back on a healthy track.

Yuri, 5 minutes, Jeffrey Wolz
Imagination is a powerful tool. No one knows this more than Yuri, a boy living in Siberia. Yuri’s biggest dream is to play the game that he has only [attempted to] read about in foreign books, a peculiar sport called “baseball”.

Rain Dance
, 7 minutes, Nate Swinehart
A shaman’s rain dance goes awry when he’s interrupted by a baby with inexplicable powers.

A Sphere In Boxland
, 8 minutes, Benjamin W. Neidenthal
In a place called Boxland, a lone Sphere struggles with being different than everyone around him.

My Home, 20 minutes, Calvert Waller III
My Home is an Oneida Indian Nation story handed down by elders about a precocious turtle who comes across a selfish beaver who doesn’t particularly care about the environment in which he lives or the beings in it.

Afternoon Program of Films by Greater Columbus Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship Recipients:

County Fair, 3 minutes, Michael Mercel
County Fair offers a brief glimpse of a 4-H livestock competition at the 2011 Wayne County Fair in Wooster, Ohio. It features music by guitarist and composer Bill Frisell.

A World Without Numbers, 3 minutes, Mitchell Rose
Written when Mitchell Rose was nine years old, this animation/live action hybrid explores the horrors of a numberless world through the lens of childhood melodrama.

Modern Daydreams: Deere John, 3 minutes, Mitchell Rose
A man and a 22-ton John Deere excavator dance a dance of discovery, fulfillment, and loss. Winner of 19 festival awards.
“A funny and surprisingly touching fantasy.” — The New York Times

Advance, 2 minutes, Mitchell Rose
One dance. Two minutes. Fifty locations.
Winner of five festival awards including the “Audience Award” at Dance Camera West.

Case Studies From The Groat Center For Sleep Disorders, 7 minutes, Mitchell Rose
A faux-scientific investigation of sleep disorder from the renowned (but fictitious) Groat Center.
“Hilarious” — The New York Times

Globetrot, 5 minutes, Mitchell Rose
An international crowd-sourced dance-film project, as 54 filmmakers on all seven continents each contribute two seconds of movement by renowned choreographer Bebe Miller.

Evening Program of Films by Greater Columbus Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship Recipients:

SOUTH 40, 8 minutes, John Whitney
An Ohio farmer dedicates his life to find his fathers dream. But sometimes in life, dreams aren’t meant to be found.

Don’t Break Down
, 7 minutes, Matt Meindl
An imagined afterlife for the ever-present garbage in our urban environments.

SHELTER, 12 minutes, Adam Caudill
An excerpt from the beginning of SHELTER, a feature film in which five survivors must wait out nuclear winter in a secret underground bomb shelter. With limited supplies and nowhere else to go, the group struggles against the clock until it’s safe to return to the surface.

, 7 minutes, Mike Olenick
A sexy sci-fi space opera set in a glittery galaxy. Will Spaceboy find true love in outer space or will he die in a cruel embrace?

, 5 minutes, Andrew Ina
HOMEless explores a journey of a young women returning to her country of origin. We listen to her thoughts as she ponders the meaning of home; is it the accident of where one is born?

PIGMENT, 12 minutes, Alexis McCrimmon
PIGMENT is an experimental documentary film that explores, through the use of performance, first-person narrative and digital collage animation the medical and mythological origins behind the disease known as Vitiligo.

Two Blue Line
s, 11 minutes, Tom Hayes
Two Blue Lines presents Israeli interpretations of the Palestinian narrative, from the inception of the Zionist movement to the present. The film takes viewers on a journey across time and cultures to peel back the underlying roots of the conflict in the Holy Land. The segment presented is drawn from the body of this feature length documentary.

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