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Barbershop Punk (Best Of Festival Winner) – 11/18/11 – Canzani Center at the Columbus College of Art & Design – Columbus, OH

Barbershop Punk (Best Of Festival Winner)
Friday, November 18, 2011
8:00pm - All Ages
60 Cleveland Ave
Columbus, OH, USA 43215

Parking is free in CCAD lots

Other Info
Is “The Man” controlling the vertical, the horizontal, and the channel you’ll be on?
In a privatized American Internet, is big business “Big Brother”
or does the free market protect and serve the needs of the average
citizen with its invisible hand? With the simple act of swapping files,
barbershop quartet baritone Robb Topolski finds himself at ground
zero of a landmark case whose outcome will affect the rights of every
American citizen.
Following one man’s personal quest to defend what he believes to be
his inalienable rights, BARBERSHOP PUNK examines the critical issues
surrounding the future of the American Internet and what it takes to challenge
the status quo.

Contemplating the future of the American Internet and the inalienable
rights under review, the film features discussions with Ian MacKaye,
Damian Kulash of OK Go, Henry Rollins, Janeane Garofalo, EFF’s
John Perry Barlow, U.S. Congressman Chip Pickering, Congressman
Marsha Blackburn, Free Form DJ Jim Ladd, Clinton White House Press
Secretary Mike McCurry, Michelle Combs of the Christian Coalition,
Songwriters Guild President Rick Carnes, NARAL’s Ted Miller, lobbyist
Jack Burkman, and FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, among others.

Admission is free for students, CIFVF members. All others just $5 at the door.
The Canzani Center is located just south of the giant ART. Parking is
free in CCAD lots.

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