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Film Treatments: Protecting your Plot by Registering with the Writer\\\’s Guild of America – 11/11/12 – Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington – Worthington, Ohio

Film Treatments: Protecting your Plot by Registering with the Writer's Guild of America
Sunday, November 11, 2012
1:00pm - All Ages
777 Evening Street
Worthington, Ohio, USA 43085
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A treatment is the often overlooked first step in screenwriting. It is the narrative description of a proposed feature, short film, documentary or television production, outlining the balance between character development and plot advancement. The treatment’s purpose is to sell the proposed project to those who can bring the story to production — studios, producers, directors and independent investors. It is both a legal and creative device to secure the prospective value of the story and to define why the screenwriter believes it has the potential for critical acclaim and commercial success.

Learn the tips and tricks to crafting and protecting your stories through this interactive workshop that will examine film treatment techniques of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. This workshop is also ideal for those interested in the creative process by which a series of ideas becomes a marketable screenplay.

Presenter: J.R. McMillan has a BA from Marshall University with a concentration in Journalism and Mass Communications and has worked as an opinion writer, columnist, photographer, publicist and public radio producer. An associate member of the Writers Guild of America East, J.R. McMillan teaches workshops in script development to aspiring screenwriters.

$25 or free for Director level CIFVF members
To register:

Scholarship spots dependent on financial need are available. Please contact the Columbus Film Council at for information about scholarship opportunities.

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