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Three-Acts to Successful Screenwriting – 05/05/11 – Jazz Academy, 4th Floor Conference Room – Columbus, OH

Three-Acts to Successful Screenwriting
Thursday, May 5, 2011
7:00pm - All Ages
Jazz Academy, 4th Floor Conference Room (map)
769 East Long Street

Columbus, OH, USA 43215
Other Info
Presented by J.R. McMillan in partnership with the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

May 5, May 12, May 19, 7:00p – 9:00p
Jazz Academy, 4th Floor Conference Room, 769 East Long Street
Learn to craft your own screenplays by mastering the most common storytelling structure used in film and television. In this interactive workshop series, participants will acquire the skills to balance character development and plot advancement through the three-act format.

Act One: Introduction May 5
This session will present an overview of the screenwriting process, the creation of complex characters, rich backstories and establish the dramatic premise through the “inciting incident” that determines the direction of the plot.

Act Two: Confrontation May 12
Picking up where the first session left off, the second act will present the lead character’s journey, its multiple obstacles and the plot reversals that place the protagonist nearest and farthest from attaining the objective of the story.

Act Three: Resolution May 19
The final workshop will focus on the culmination of the plot and climax of the story. Award-winning and critically acclaimed examples, adaptations and exceptions to the three-act structure will round out a review of the workshop series.

Presenter: J.R. McMillan has a BA from Marshall University with a concentration in Journalism and Mass Communications and has worked as an opinion writer, columnist, photographer, publicist and public radio producer. An associate member of the Writers Guild of America East, J.R. McMillan teaches workshops in script development to aspiring screenwriters.

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