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What\\\’s The Economy For, Anyway? – 01/25/11 – Drexel Theater – Columbus, OH

What's The Economy For, Anyway?
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
7:30pm - All Ages
2254 E Main St
Columbus, OH, USA 43209-2319
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In this film produced by John de Graaf of Affluenza fame, ecological economist Dave Batker presents a humorous, edgy, factual, timely and highly-visual monologue about the American economy today, challenging the ways we measure economic success--especially the Gross Domestic Product--and offering an answer to the question: What's the Economy for, Anyway?
Using Gifford Pinchot's idea that the economy's purpose is "the greatest good for the greatest number over the longest run," Batker compares the performance of the U.S. economy with that of other industrial countries in terms of providing a high quality of life, fairness and ecological sustainability, concluding that when you do the numbers, the United States comes out near the bottom in nearly every category.
The 40-minute film has a somewhat unique format in that it is has nine segments, each dealing with a different aspect of the economy. A question ends each segment, inviting viewers to discuss the question and just-seen contents. We will give participants a short time to raise ideas and questions after each segment.
Representatives from the collaborative project Support Our Local Economy (SOLE) will give a brief update on the project. SOLE is a Central Ohio initiative to build a stronger, more resilient economy with an emphasis on sustainability.
This event is sponsored by the Central Ohio Sierra Club, Simply Living, the Columbus International Film + Video Festival and the Free Press. The movie is free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted.

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