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The New Metropolis – 02/23/10 – Drexel Theater – Columbus, OH

The New Metropolis
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
7:30pm - All Ages
2254 E Main St
Columbus, OH, USA 43209-2319
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America’s “first” suburbs, those suburban communities built next to America’s urban centers, were once the birthplace of the American Dream. What are they now?

Ohio’s First Suburbs are highlighted in “The New Metropolis," a groundbreaking two-part documentary on the rise, fall and revitalization of America’s first suburbs. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Andrea Torrice, this is the first public examination devoted to the issues facing many suburban towns. Considered embodiments of the American dream, the first suburbs blossomed after World War II, bolstered by economic prosperity and government support. Now, many struggle with the same challenges as urban centers -- growing poverty, white flight, crumbling infrastructure, abandonment and the continual lure of newer communities further from the cities.

Admission is FREE, donations accepted.

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